About Us

Our mission is to... help cultivate, overall personal health and wellness by the use of sustainably sourced all natural botangles.

"Success will have strong roots... if it is propagated with integrity."

Sincerity - Honesty - Transparency

Our goal is to... develop affordable products, that are safe and actually provides tangible benefits.

we strives to deliver amazing customer service to allow you, the customer to feel comfortable and safe with all our products.

We are a NCDOA Registered Hemp Processor, that specializes in Full-Spectrum Hemp-Derived Products.


  • Prior to our growing season, we collaborate with our NCDOA Registered Farmer to choose the markets most requested federal permitted cannabis strains, in order to give the highest level of quality from beginning to end.


  • To reduce hemp seeds and pollination, we remove our male plants as soon the crop begins flowering, which is when cannabis begin to show their sex. Which, we  begin sending many crop samples to the lab for analysis, as the plants matures.


  •  Once the plants are fully established and ready for harvesting, we select and cut our best stalks in order to manually trim and cure them individually for our whole flower sales. After curing our entire harvest, we re-inspect each batch and sort it, for processing which is the exciting part...

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